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The Stem Cell Institute of Texas provides the latest stem cell therapies using adult stem cells to treat a wide variety of health concerns. Our three main focuses – cosmetics, orthopaedic, and sexual conditions – we use adult stem cells and PRP to transform your appearance and function by stimulating the body’s repair mechanisms.

Often referred to as mother cells, stem cells are responsible for the early development of every organ and tissue in the body. Stem cells also play a critical role in the body’s healing capabilities. Stem cells can self-renew to reproduce themselves many times. They also maintain pluripotency – when a pluripotent cell divides, it can develop into any of the 220 cells in the body. Due to their versatility, the body uses them in areas of cell death, resulting from disease or injury, to help promote cellular regeneration.

Stem cell therapy harnesses the body’s powerful repair mechanism by injecting stem cells into areas of cellular deficiency. By doing this, the stem cells stimulate the repair of injured tissue.

Bone marrow transplants, the most popular and widely-accepted stem cell therapy, have been performed for almost 50 years by replacing damaged bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. As a result of the positive outcomes experienced from bone marrow transplantation, there is now a multitude of health conditions commonly treated with stem cell therapy.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, the Stem Cell Institute of Texas is on the cutting-edge of regenerative medicine. Contact The Stem Cell Institute of Texas today to schedule your appointment at (210) 338-8228.

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about us
about us
about us

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