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The Stem Cell Institute of Texas provides the latest stem cell therapies using adult stem cells to treat a wide variety of health concerns. Our two main focuses – cosmetics and orthopaedic conditions – use adult stem cells to transform your appearance and function by stimulating the body’s repair mechanisms.


Stem Cell Therapy Treatment

Cells derived from the Umbilical Cord of Live Healthy Birth Babies contains stem cells, growth factors, and proteins that stimulate YOUR body to regenerate damaged joints and tissue…… Just like in your youth!

Injury Assessment


Do you suffer from pain in your back or your joints, such as hip or knee, which prevents you from living life to the fullest? Is walking, cycling, gardening, fishing, or exercising, no longer possible with out pain? If you are missing out on your Golden Years, you need to see a regenerative medicine physician for a consultation. They can determine if the newest innovations in stem cell therapies are right for you.

The Treatment


The treatment is a simple non-surgical injection into the affected joint with no down time or lengthy recovery. You may maintain your normal lifestyle and allow the cells to create a balanced optimal environment in your joints so your body can repair itself. You should feel maximal results within 10 to 12 weeks at which time you can increase your activity levels to match your comfort, but understand that the regenerative process can continue for long periods of time.

Regenerative Recovery


Umbilical cord cells contain growth factors, proteins, and stem cells that continue to produce additional growth factors and proteins for a period of time. These components have the potential to positively affect the environment inside the joint and to stimulate your own tissue to aid in the regenerative process while ALSO stimulating your NATIVE STEM CELLS to aid in regeneration.

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